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Film of the Week :: ‘Use Me’ by Kino Challenge Filmmakers (2012)


If you don’t know about the Kino challenge, you’ve not been to one of our screenings (or you’ve not been paying attention!). Let me break it down:

1. Filmlovers and filmmakers alike come to Kino for their fix of shorts, popcorn, and good vibes.
2. Throughout the night, our audience suggest ideas for films they’d like to see made, via the medium of little slips of paper. At some point, our comperes choose which of these films will get made, with the help of our technologically advanced ‘cheering audience’ voting system.
3. At the interval, eager-to-shoot filmmakers come forward and pronounce their intention to make the selected film idea, ideally in time to screen the following month. These strangers, united, arrange among themselves how they will undertake this hefty challenge. It’s similar to the Fellowship council scene in Lord of the Rings.
4. One month later, the team – once strangers, now a unified ‘crew’ – bring their film to screen at Kino.

Use Me is the product of one of our earlier challenges from back in 2012. A very open suggestion, the team (Ben Davies, Daniel Jarvis, Paul Rey-Burns, and Will Watson), took it as an idea for a no-holds-barred odd-jobs service (odd being the key word), and followed the exploits of a man who’ll do anything to pay the bills. It’s a prime example of what can be done in a month, starting from just a title and the commitment of strangers.

If you’d like to be involved in making a challenge film, come along to any Kino screening and make yourself known.


At Kino London, we’re all about hookin’ ya’ll up to make films together. Nothing brings us more joy than to see a challenge film birthed into the world, nurtured with the love of total strangers. We love playing short-film cupid, shooting our little arrows of collaborative spirit into your collective filmmaking butts. And it’s a passion shared by filmmaking social network, Shooting People, which is why they’re bringing their monthly filmmakers’ meet-up, Shooters in the Pub, to Kino #65.

While Kino is always a great place to meet like-minded filmmakers to work with, Shooters in the Pub adds an extra social element to the night, with the bar staying open later so you can stick around and get yourself involved with the latest projects in London’s short film community. The screening will start slightly earlier to allow more shmoozing time after, so be sure to get in early.

Show us this flyer on the door for £3 entry to the screening


As always, filmmakers register in advance to screen their short at each event, sight unseen. We don’t watch ANYTHING in advance, we simply ask that you book your film in with us beforehand and present it yourself on the night. There are no themes, no pre-selection and no restrictions, other than:

– films must be under 6 minutes
– films must be on DVD
– films must include the Kino logo + screening number (65) at the end, just for our screening
– the filmmaker must present the film in person.

Screening slots are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’d like to screen your short drop us a line ASAP at
We’ll need your name, the title and duration of your film, along with your contact details.


If you’ve never made a short, are stuck for an idea, or just want to work with new people, the Kino Challenge is a great way to get those filmmaking juices flowing.

Kino’s Open-Mic Short Film Night (#65)
Wednesday 13th August
7 Torrens Street
Angel Islington

Nearest tube: Angel
Doors at 7:30pm, films start 8pm
£4 entry, £3 with flyer (save some paper and get it on your phone)
Networking in the bar area from 7:30pm (FREE)
Free Popcorn