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As it’s December, that means that anything that happens on a monthly basis has to have a Christmas edition, and Kino is no exception. To celebrate, we’re planning on getting all you lovely people sat in a room to watch a dozen or so random short films fresh from London’s filmmaking community. Yes, that is […]

Kino #68- Insurrection

    November’s Kino was a night of reckless insubordination. Trailers masqueraded as shorts. Suggestions for film challenges were too grotesque and inhumane to be read aloud. Bribes were made. Then, the final insult: Kino London’s Laura Shacham failed to put the Kino logo at the end of her film. Her penance? To make and screen […]

Film of the Week // Anglais Complet // by 10Films (2012)

Black and white, check. French accent on voiceover, check. Man with a ballgag in mouth and dog lead round neck, check Anglais Complet by 10Films ticks all the boxes for a funny, well made short and we’re always glad to see them on the screening list at Kino! When’s the next one guys?


Kino London returns for another evening of unseen, uncurated, and uncensored shorts. We’re the only film night in London that dares to let the filmmakers (and their films) speak for themselves, and we’ve be doing it for almost 6 years! The only thing that’s certain is the popcorn… and that’s free! Facebook event Shooting People […]

Film of the Week // TIFF (2013) By Stuart Elliott

  Tiff by Stuart Elliott graced the Kino screen back in September of last year and has stuck with us ever since. Both tragic and hilarious, the film follows a fictional Stuart as he destroys his relationship due to his new found obsession; the camera phone. It’s hard not to cringe a little when a […]