London’s Most Inclusive Film Night

  • The only film event of its kind in London
  • An inclusive, open platform for the capital’s filmmakers
  • Worldwide network of filmmakers, creatives and video technicians
  • As raw, fresh and exciting as filmmaking gets…

Kino London – The Low-Down

Kino London’s monthly open-mic film night is the only film night of it’s kind in London. Filmmakers register in advance to screen their short at the next event, sight unseen. There are no themes, no pre-selection and no restrictions, other than that films be under 6 minuteson dvd, and include the Kino London logo at the end, just for our screening.

Filmmakers turn up with their film on the night, introduce it personally then stick around to discuss their work with audience and filmmakers alike. ‘Challenges’ are awarded to rule-breakers – a film that the audience decide the filmmaker must make and screen at Kino London.

Kino also runs a monthly filmmaking Challenge which is open to anyone who wants to work on a short – in any capacity. The film idea is provided by the audience, and the short is produced in the 30 days between screenings. More details here.

Fresh, Collaborative and Non-Competitive

Despite the edge of the seat atmosphere, Kino London is refreshingly non-competitive. We are a truly open platform for both experienced filmmakers and those finding their feet as storytellers and producers. As both industry professionals and first-timers bring their shorts to Kino, the bar remains high for all those who screen.  And with such a broad spectrum of new work being screened, each event is a genuine reflection of the current output of London’s filmmakers, established and emerging.

International Network

Kino London is a partner of the already booming worldwide Kino movement, which started in Montreal in 1999. The Kino brand has since been exported worldwide, with over 50 ‘cells’ springing up across North America, Europe, Africa and Australia. The binding philosophy behind Kino is the belief in making high quality video with the minimum of resources, and in a regular, competition-free platform in which filmmakers can experiment and develop.

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