Want to Screen at Kino?

Filmmaker Molly Brown @ Kino

Kino London has been providing a regular, uncensored platform for London’s indie filmmakers since 2009. With no pre-selection, filmmakers book themselves in on a ‘first-come first-served’ basis.

In return for our open-screen policy, we ask you to abide by a few simple rules:

Films must be under 6 minutes in length (including credits)

Films must feature the ‘Kino London’ logo

The filmmaker must introduce the film in person on the night

Once your film is ready, e-mail your details and a link to your film to our submissions co-ordinator at: screen@kinolondon.com . We will add you to the schedule for the next available screening.

Download the Kino London Logos HERE

Notes for Video Files

To help us with downloading a copy of your film, please optimize it through Handbrake first. Ideally, we would like an MP4.

How to use Handbrake to convert any video file to any format.

Handbrake makes sure the file will be easy for us to play on almost any laptop, and compresses it as much as possible. Just use the default settings on Handbrake and it should give us the most optimised file.

Please ensure your NAME, and the FILM TITLE are included in the file name i.e:


Remember: All films screened remain the property of you, the filmmakers. The inclusion of the Kino London logo or text is for this screening only, although if you choose to leave it on for festival submissions or broadcast then we’d be most chuffed!

Often we are asked to compile programmes of shorts for festivals, film events or online broadcasts, which we do from within our back catalogue. Additionally, our YouTube and Vimeo channels contain a selection of films that have screened at Kino events. However, we never upload or recommend a film without the express permission of the filmmaker. We want to help you get your film out there as much as possible, but only with your agreement!