Film of the Week :: The Things I Think About by Geoffrey Taylor (2011)

Going back in time a little here, but Kino #37 back in February was so jam packed with great short films you would have thought we programmed the night! We didn’t, Kino is an open mic night and the only people who decide what screens at our nights are the filmmakers who bring their films! And these filmmakers sure knew how to put on a good night, from the Kino challenge inspired comedy Use Me to the period drama Rosie by William Thorne, the good shorts just kept on coming. One film that stood out for me was The Things I Think About written and directed by Geoffrey Taylor. This dark comedy focuses on the thoughts of Ed (brilliantly acted by Ed Rapley) and his desire to “let go”. The film’s use of subtle voiceover in relation to sombre scenes that occasionally burst with energy works perfectly at expressing Ed’s mood and creates some sinister yet laugh out loud moments.

I caught up with the director Geoffrey after the screening to find out a little more about the short…

How long did it take you to film The Things I Think About and what equipment did you use to make it?

The film was shot on a weekend in darkest January last year – perfectly suited for the film. We used the D.O.P’s (my mate Charlie’s) gear he borrowed from his work, plus some lights he owned. For the techies’ we shot on a Sony 750. I went away for a couple of months so when I got back, I felt that I had enough perspective on the film to be able to edit it myself (using FCP). My friends (Torchy Design) did the sound and graphics, I really enjoy working with people, for me it is the best part of the film process, having people bringing different ideas to the work. Grading was the trickiest part, doing it myself, I knew what I wanted, but I don’t have the best grading know how and access to any professional equipment (apart from my laptop) to test the images on.

What gave you the idea for the film?

The idea was sparked by a series of thoughts and ideas I’d noted down (by things I’d either thought or what other people had said to me) It just seemed to develop into a character I was interested in, and the story followed. I wrote the script and within two weeks I was filming it. I was moving out of this big crazy house, which I pictured the film being set in, so on the very same weekend we were moving house I was also shooting.

How has the film been received?

I’m still submitting the film to festivals but so far the film has been really well received by audiences, they find it funnier than I thought it would be. Currently ‘The Things I think About’ has played at Encounters Short Film Festival, London Short Film Festival, Comedy Shorts, Manchester and finally at Kino London where it got a really great response and I met some interesting people.

Finally, what are your filmmaking plan for the future?

I have a lot of different projects in the pipeline, as well as looking for freelance gigs. I’m currently writing a series of films based on this ‘Character’. As well as a short feature I’m also pursuing. My main aims are to find producers and collaborators to help get ideas off the ground or to work as a Director on other peoples scripts.For now though, I’ll just keep trying to make stuff.

To view more of the work by Geoffrey Taylor visit and Also follow him on twitter @geoffwideeyed

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