Kino #18 Dissected


Tea Break from Sam Walker on Vimeo.

I’ve got gore on the brain after Monday’s screening. No, not Al. The blood and guts kind. Dark duo Sam Walker and Tim Reeves (responsible for last week’s Film of the Week, Duck Children) were our guest filmmakers giving us a glimpse into the unflinchingly gruesome, witty world of their short films. If you weren’t at Kino you really should check out Tea Break (above) – a film in which your shock quickly turns into a grin, which turns into a laugh. And suddenly you’re laughing at decapitation (you laughed too, didn’t you?).

The Q&A was the cherry on top of a whole bag of tricks brought to our screen by twelve valiant filmmakers – Kino regulars, Kino virgins and a first-time screener all the way from Italy(!). Despite the sticky evening, makeshift fans in hand, popcorn in..other hand, you saw:

Alleycat – Niamh Kennedy
Modern Life, Violent Dreams – Kevin Keane
Countdown – Marco Lorusso
Critical Error=True – Ben Slotover
Mystery Loafer – Paula Hughes
Tea for Two – Nick Ravenscroft
Christina – Oliver Price & Tom Dean
Olympic Nukes – Jonathan Brind
Man’s Best Fiend – Sam Bird
Eyf/ErF_fb-error – Alex Widdowson
Girl in Oslo – Pierre Henri Landriau
Zombies!! – Jeremy DeCoursey

We’ll be giving you a guided tour of some of these over the next week so keep an eye out and do share your thoughts.

So that’s goodbye Kino #18, sniff.

But in the meantime… more great shorts coming your way in Film of the Week, Kino interviews award-winning documentary filmmaker Emily James about her new project and Kino #19 date for your diary TBA very shortly.

If you want to see your film on our screen, make sure it follows our three simple rules to Kino happiness then email Laura at: with the title and duration of your film.

We’re open to some rule-breaking but as screener Sam Bird found out (thank you to the diligent audience member who timed Sam’s film), penalties may ensue. We look forward to seeing the result of Sam’s challenge – ‘When Dan became Danielle’ – back at Kino soon.

Photos from Kino #18 are up on our Photos page.