Kino #41 – Same great night, new great venue

You never forget your first time. The first kiss with Bradley Vikingarms behind the local swimming pool, the first time you pulled off a 17 hit combo playing Serious Fist on the Gamebox, the first time you realised Live and Live were spelt the same way…and of course the first time Kino London held a night at its brand spanking new venue The Camp Basement. But for those of you who couldn’t attend because you’re allergic to fun here’s the debrief.

Kino #41 was, and I think this is how the kids are saying it, FANTASTISUPERAD. The night kick started with Helen Nias dreamy “Where I end up”, from then on Kino #41 was on a roll. We had charming/stunning animations in the form of Seb Pietrovito’s “Little Bird” and Alex Widdowson’s “Patients”. Belly laughs came courtesy of Cold Cut Comedy’s “Boom”, Will Kenning’s Short film “Egg” and our very own Lewis Georgeson’s seaside short, “Romance”. We even experienced some “can…we…clap…this” awkwardness thanks to Mark Withers “The Water”, Cheers Mark!

The film Challenge “Sniffy Sniffy Bang Bang” was handed out and is being made by Kino audience members as we speak. A challenge film was also brought back, I’m talking about your film Mark Bowsher! The amazingly constructed “Only one person will like this film” (wrong Mark, we all liked it! haHA) proved how creative the filmmakers who attend our nights can be. And thanks to some last minute DVD-burning-audience-member-laptop-generosity, we witnessed “The Elevator Series: Part 1: Train” by Paul Shottner. WOW. Did I mention you can eat pizza at Kino now, yeah! I KNOW! BRILLIANT!

Phew, what a jam packed night. See you all on the 1st of August!


1.Seb Pietrovito – Little Bird

2.Helen Nias – Where I end up

3.Cold Cuts Comedy – Boom

4.Mark Withers – The Water

5.Paul Shottner – The Elevator Series: Part 1

6.Mark Bowsher – Only one person will like this film

7.Lewis Georgeson – Romance

8.Jenny Longworth – The Headache

9.Alex Widdowson – Patients

10.Will Kenning – Egg

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