Kino 89…Back with a bang!

When we decided to re-start the Kino Open-Mic film nights after a 12-month break, we prepared ourselves for the hard work ahead: I booked a smaller venue, got in touch with the Kino regulars to see what they were up to, asked friends to come down and ‘make up the numbers’…I planned a Tuesday night event for around 30 people and hoped for a few curious newbies…

So, by 8:15, when Alex and Dan took to the stage, it was something of a shock to have to apologise to people at the back of the queue that we were not going to be able to fit any more people into the room. It was sold out! Not only were there no more seats, there was no standing room either!

So, with a full house, it was now up to the filmmakers to introduce their films, and hopefully to entertain an eager bunch of cinephiles. They did not disappoint!


We couldn’t have hoped for a better start to Kino London in 2017. A special thank you to everyone who made it down, everyone who screened their film, everyone who helped make the night happen. I’m truly grateful. This was my post on Facebook the next day:

Wow, that was…wow. Amazed. Flabbergasted. Such a great night at Kino #89. Some amazing films, and a wonderful (and patient ) audience. We’re really sorry if you came and couldn’t get in, we just weren’t expecting quite so many of you!

And it’s given me a huge confidence boost to prepare for the next one. Kino 90. Only ten away from a century of screenings…:)

(Thank you to Lucky Mask Productions for the pics)

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