Kino London presents ‘Borderlands’, in partnership with LSFF

Hot on the heels of last year’s mighty success – Kino London: Live – we partner with London Short Film Festival again this January to bring you a filmmaking challenge to really sink your teeth into.

Over five days, and working within pre-designated areas on the far edgelands of South-East, East and North-East London, participants will venture into the city’s furthermost parts to make short films. Drawing inspiration from Iain Sinclair’s writings on London’s Edgelands and films such as Andrew Kötting’s GALLIVANT exploring the coast of Britain, the challenge aims to explore and document the psychogeography of the city’s outer limits. Here there be monsters… perhaps!

You can see details of the routes here.

The challenge will launch with a Kino production meeting on Saturday 8th January. Anybody wishing to take part in the event must attend the meeting.  All films will be screened at a special Kino London event as part of the festival.

Participants from all areas of filmmaking are encouraged to take part — from writers through to actors, camera operators and editors – just let us know your area of expertise when you sign up. You can take part as an individual or as a team.

To register your interest or find out more, email Laura at