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However the Kino boss pays us a popped-corn for every word we type on here so let me drag this out a bit for the sake of the children (for those of you who have continued reading I thank you)

Happy Friday everyone, another working week has ended and, for most of us, we now have two full days before the working loop continues. Loop, loop? Funny you should say loop because I’ve recently discovered this wonderful Website/Night named LoopdeLoop!

If one were to completely copy and paste from the LoopdeLoop websites about page one would probably describe LoopdeLoop as…

“…an animation challenge. Each month, animators from around the world create looping animations based on a given topic and upload them to On the last Tuesday of the month all of the posted loops are compiled and screened to a live audience at Loop in Melbourne, Australia. During the screening a winner is declared, who enters the hall of fame and has their loop featured throughout the following month”

Kino London is always pleased to see other creative nights setting challenges/themes (this has to be one of our favorites so far) and the more you read about LoopdeLoop on their website the more the similarities between us grow.

The March theme is LIQUID in honor of MTV’s pivotal animation series Liquid Television – (they brought us Beavis and Butthead) and already there are some great entries.

Have a great weekend and…click on this

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