Kino Recommends // You get outside and enjoy the sun!

Is it sunny outside? Yes, phew. That means once again our recommendation to you this week is an easy one…get outside!!!

Enjoying the great weather and a good film used to be pretty tricky in the UK, not only because we very rarely have great weather but also most of our cinemas have roofs (the suns archenemy) But thanks to global warming and the pop-up cinema we can now enjoy scorching sun, the great outdoors and the Goonies. All together as nature intended.

Luna Cinema is at the forefront of outdoor cinema and we highly recommend you get yourself to one of their beautiful located screenings of a classic movie.

For those of you who are thinking Kino always recomends pop-up cinema when the weather is nice, you are correct. But we’d hate for our readers to lack vitimine D and when the weather is like this do you really want to be inside? However failing the pop-up cinema there is also some pop-up sports thing happening in trendy east London which kicks off this Friday.


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