What went down at Kino #38 (hottest Kino ever?!)

Wowzers! Over 120 people packed into Vibe Live on March 1st for one of the biggest Kinos we’ve had in a while. The screening list is always full to bursting and this time the venue was too, (lucky we ordered extra benches!). There was such a good atmosphere that even the bar staff were buzzing (some of them even request to work when Kino’s on, you know…!).

For film screening that doesn’t programme what we show (at all) we had a night worthy of any short film festival event I’ve been to. Animation, music video, drama, documentary – all were in there – and each film presented in person by the filmmaker.

We had just one rule-breaker; Boris Thompson-Roylance forgot to put the Kino logo on the end of his film and the audience duly awarded him a film challenge based on: “A guy learns guitar to seduce a girl, but he realises that he prefers the guitar to the girl”. No easy task, you might think, but Boris said afterwards that he has the perfect subject for the film – his housemate! So, another Kino-initiated film moves into production!

Here’s the full list of screeners at Kino #38:

Joseph Whitney:   The hungry ghost rhapsody
Molly Brown:   If Dolphins had day jobs
Marius Smuts:   Bad Karma
Angelo Calarco:   Young People Love Noise
Chris Gallagher:   txt msg
Boris Thompson-Roylance:   Me, You and Us
Josh Westbury:   We can get you some really cheap gear
Lukas DiSparrow:   Paranormal
The Kino Challenge team:   Karaoke is not OK
Oliver Parkin:   Into the Ether
Stephen Minty:   Last Year
Joaquin Bas:   Zoe Konez / Hayley Don’t Say Goodbye (Music Video)

( If you screened and want us to include the link to your film here, email us at info@kinolondon.com )

THE KINO CHALLENGE : “Oh God!!! Make it Stop!!!”

That’s the title – or perhaps just the inspiration – for the film that this month’s team of Challenge filmmakers will be making and then screening at the next Kino on 5th April. A team of 9 people came together at Kino #38 – most of whom didn’t know each other beforehand – and are already beavering away planning their shoot! Between them they have most of the kit and crew that they need, and whatever’s lacking they’ll source from other folks in the Kino network. For more info on the Kino challenge click here.


Finally, if you were inspired by Jonny Pratt’s presentation of the Filmonik Kabaret – a week long filmmaking jam, happening in Manchester between 2nd and 8th April – visit the Filmonik website for more details on how to take part. These guys are our sister group, and have the same open, collaborative vision – and the passion for learning by DOING (now!) – as we do. If you decide to take the plunge you’ll have the time of your life.

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