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Kino #66 Round-up

Kino’s particular brand of cinematic optimism was in full swing at September’s session. The night was balmy and the room was packed. The usual cynicism which accompanies a visit to the multiplex was, thankfully, nowhere in sight. We were ready to cheer, to applaud, to laugh…to delve deep into the rhythmic contortions of a techno-didgeridoo. […]


As summer comes to an end, and a cool nip hangs in the air, we’re getting ready for our first autumnal screening of the year, before things start to get all festive (only 115 days to Christmas!). So grab a warm jacket (but leave the hat and scarf at home) and come on down for […]

Film of the Week :: ‘Use Me’ by Kino Challenge Filmmakers (2012)

If you don’t know about the Kino challenge, you’ve not been to one of our screenings (or you’ve not been paying attention!). Let me break it down: 1. Filmlovers and filmmakers alike come to Kino for their fix of shorts, popcorn, and good vibes. 2. Throughout the night, our audience suggest ideas for films they’d […]


At Kino London, we’re all about hookin’ ya’ll up to make films together. Nothing brings us more joy than to see a challenge film birthed into the world, nurtured with the love of total strangers. We love playing short-film cupid, shooting our little arrows of collaborative spirit into your collective filmmaking butts. And it’s a passion […]

Belle & the Bond

Every life has its rules. One of mine is: if ever invited to a screening on Goldfinger Avenue one must attend. And so it was that a group of lucky Kino-goers travelled to the world-famous Pinewood Studios in leafy Buckinghamshire, for the opening of their Digital Motion Picture Centre, on the aforementioned Bond-Baddie-Drive. We were […]