The Sony Production Awards 2014 : definitely worth a shot…

Every man and his dog is running a filmmaking competition nowadays (not to mention a short film night…) so it’s wise to approach every new ‘opportunity’ with a little caution. It can be pretty hard to distinguish exploitation (and cheap advert production) from genuine support for filmmakers and reward for filmmaking talent. So it’s nice […]

Kino Recommends // Pop-up Screens // July – September around London // WIN TICKETS

Considering how crap the weather has been of late, it’s quite hard to get excited about summer in London. I remember summer coming in April last year, and there being no big, feel-good outdoor film event to enjoy with it. Now there is, and no guarantee of sun. Bummer. Anyway, good ol’ British optimism will […]

WIN! The Story of Film Steelbook box set

Though it might have passed you by, courtesy of Network releasing, we’re giving away a steelbook box set of Mark Cousins’s fantastic documentary, The Story of Film. Made over six years, filmed on five continents, and spanning 15 episodes, it’s an epic project made all the more compelling by Cousins’s excellent narration and direction. Anyone […]

Kino Recommends // The Story of Film – An Odyssey // WIN THE DVD BOX SET!

In 2004, Northern Irish film critic and director Mark Cousins released The Story of Film, a grand book charting the history of cinema from the very beginning. A few years later, using this book as a base, he set off on a trip around the world to create a 15 part documentary that tells the […]

Kino Recommends // Made in Britain season at BFI // 2-30 April

Katie Jarvis in Andrea Arnold’s ‘Fish Tank’ (2009) This April, BFI is holding the first of what is scheduled to be an annual programme dedicated to contemporary British cinema. That’s pretty exciting. And whilst it’d be nice to think that we could see something like this at least once every few months, we can’t, so […]