Read about Kino in Gorilla Film Magazine (2015)

Read Louie Freeman-Bassett’s consideration of short film screenings – and Kino’s place amongst them – in the world of social media (and short attention spans) here.

Film of the Week :: The Things I Think About by Geoffrey Taylor (2011)

Going back in time a little here, but Kino #37 back in February was so jam packed with great short films you would have thought we programmed the night! We didn’t, Kino is an open mic night and the only people who decide what screens at our nights are the filmmakers who bring their films! […]

Read about Kino in Gorilla Film Magazine

Kino’s open-mic film night features in a double-page spread in a recent edition of Gorilla Film Magazine. GF Magazine is packed full of interviews, reviews and filmmaking tips, all of a decidedly independent nature. Previously available as a print magazine, issue 3 is now an online publication, and is fantastically readable on your computer screen! […]

Film of the Week :: Little Daily Inconveniences, by Marco Testoni (2010) Having just High-Fived a member of the Kino team in celebration of our 2nd Television set finally switching to AV I knew this month’s Kino was going to be better than AV-erage (TV settings humour never gets old?) and I wasn’t HDMI-staken! (Maybe it does…) So with the technical equipment ready to rock all […]

EVERYONE’S IN CHARGE: an interview with award-winning filmmaker Emily James

In 2009 acclaimed filmmaker Emily James began documenting the covert movements of several groups of UK Climate Change activists. Trusty camera in hand, she embarked on a journey which would take her over fence and undercover. With her exciting new feature – Just Do It: Get off your arse and change the world – coming together […]