Kino challenge


The 48 hours are over and the films are in! Now all that’s left is to screen them! Flmmakers had just 48 hours to plan, shoot and edit a short film inspired by the new chronological walk through of British Art at Tate Britain. 50 people took up the challenge last weekend – a combination of […]

KINO // TATE // 48 : Kino’s 48 hour filmmaking challenge with Tate Britain

KINO // TATE // 48 Kino London is proud to be partnering with Tate on a filmmaking project inspired by the new chronological walk through of British Art at Tate Britain. Participating filmmakers have 48 hours to make a film that draws on the rich tapestry of everything that Tate Britain has to offer, and […]

WATCH // Kino’s #filminafortnight // The Screening

Movie Logs’ video diary charting the results of the Kino’s #filminafortnight,  screened at Electrowerks on September 11th. Next Kino: Wednesday 16th October.

Kino’s #filminafortnight is launched!

We’re really pleased to announce that Kino’s #filminafortnight, in partnership with Sony Pro Europe, is now underway! View photos of  the launch event here. A bunch of keen filmmakers, actors and technicians met at our new home the Electrowerkz in Angel on Wednesday night, were placed into 3 filmaking groups, and are now busy using […]

Film of the Week :: by Sam Jeffreys & Ashley Bowes (2011)

All the way back at Kino #26 (we’re now on #51…), we challenged a team of people at the screening to make ‘a happy film about destruction‘. We had no idea who would take up the challenge, but sure enough people trickled into the side room at the interval and within no time we had […]