Kino Round-up

Kino 70- Metalworks, metal brain

Fanatical French film theorist Jean Epstein thought of the camera as a “metal brain” which transforms the external world into art. What better venue for an open mic short film night then than an actual metalworks? Except that on arrival we found the screening room filled with Kuwaiti tanks waiting to be melted down or […]

Kino #68- Insurrection

    November’s Kino was a night of reckless insubordination. Trailers masqueraded as shorts. Suggestions for film challenges were too grotesque and inhumane to be read aloud. Bribes were made. Then, the final insult: Kino London’s Laura Shacham failed to put the Kino logo at the end of her film. Her penance? To make and screen […]

Kino #67- Not the London Film Festival

In the shadow of the galas and glitz of the overtly curated BFI London Film Festival, this month’s Kino felt even more like an act of anarchic defiance than usual. It was especially pleasing that the scruffy and excitable crowd was made up of so many Kino first-timers- welcome, friends! Can we hear you say […]

Kino #66 Round-up

Kino’s particular brand of cinematic optimism was in full swing at September’s session. The night was balmy and the room was packed. The usual cynicism which accompanies a visit to the multiplex was, thankfully, nowhere in sight. We were ready to cheer, to applaud, to laugh…to delve deep into the rhythmic contortions of a techno-didgeridoo. […]