Kino Says…


Kino’s Open-mic Short Film Night returns, Wednesday 19th December. The only film night of its kind in the capital, and the only screening that dares not to watch anything we show in advance! We prefer that the filmmakers take to the mic and speak for themselves. THIS TIME WITH ADDED SANTA!!!! Get yourself on the […]

Kino Says… p-p-p-p-pick up a pop-up

Pop-up cinemas are, like, SO now. Be it in a cemetery, underneath a railway line, or within the forecourt of a disused petrol station, watching movies in interesting spaces is as fashionable now as drive-ins in the 50s. In America. Of course, this statement is based on 0% research and 100% conjecture, but you get […]

Kino #41 – Same great night, new great venue

You never forget your first time. The first kiss with Bradley Vikingarms behind the local swimming pool, the first time you pulled off a 17 hit combo playing Serious Fist on the Gamebox, the first time you realised Live and Live were spelt the same way…and of course the first time Kino London held a […]

Kino Says… Check out Platform @The Hospital Club

This Thursday night, come and check out Platform. Platform is a collaborative arts night taking place at The Hospital Club. Here are the details: This month’s Platform is this Thursday 28th June at 7.30 and is going to be a social networking event; an array of professional creatives, ranging from musicians and visual artists to […]

Kino Says…We’ll be back!

If you haven’t already heard the sad news, Kino #41 has fallen foul of venue-rug-out-from-under-its-much-loved-feet-pulled and has had to be cancelled. But fear not, good ship Kino WILL RETURN in July, even bigger, better and more short-film-tastic than before. We’ve got some surprises up our sleeves, so watch this space. And in the words of […]