Read about Kino in Gorilla Film Magazine (2015)

Read Louie Freeman-Bassett’s consideration of short film screenings – and Kino’s place amongst them – in the world of social media (and short attention spans) here.

Kino #41 – Same great night, new great venue

You never forget your first time. The first kiss with Bradley Vikingarms behind the local swimming pool, the first time you pulled off a 17 hit combo playing Serious Fist on the Gamebox, the first time you realised Live and Live were spelt the same way…and of course the first time Kino London held a […]

Small Is Beautiful

It’s not always easy to describe exactly what Kino is. Sometimes my explanations are met with a frown of confusion – an unattractive face, often accompanied by a question: “why would you want to watch short films?” Let me tell you a story… In the last couple of weeks this Kino member has made three […]

Skateistan, to Live and Skate Kabul

Skateistan, to Live and Skate Kabul, by Orlando von Einsiedel, produced by Grain Media Back in December I blogged about Orlando von Einsiedel’s film Skateistan, to Live and Skate Kabul. I’d just come back from a month working in Afghanistan and was really excited about the fresh perspective that was starting to come out of […]

Things to see and do: 18 – 31 March

Walkabout/Nicolas Roeg season – BFI, Waterloo Walkabout screens on Sat 26 March, 3 pm and Tue 29 March, 8:50 pm The  Nicolas Roeg season starts today at the BFI. It’s on until the end of the month, which means there’s plenty of time to see essential films such as Don’t Look Know and Walkabout. There’s […]