Film of the Week // Anglais Complet // by 10Films (2012)

Black and white, check. French accent on voiceover, check. Man with a ballgag in mouth and dog lead round neck, check Anglais Complet by 10Films ticks all the boxes for a funny, well made short and we’re always glad to see them on the screening list at Kino! When’s the next one guys?

Film of the Week :: ‘Use Me’ by Kino Challenge Filmmakers (2012)

If you don’t know about the Kino challenge, you’ve not been to one of our screenings (or you’ve not been paying attention!). Let me break it down: 1. Filmlovers and filmmakers alike come to Kino for their fix of shorts, popcorn, and good vibes. 2. Throughout the night, our audience suggest ideas for films they’d […]

Kino’s video ident – by filmmaker Alex Widdowson

If you were at Kino #48 you’d have witnessed the premier of our new ident, painstakingly created over a few months by Alex Widdowson. Whilst being a cool little short, the ident has always been an important part of each Kino screening as it tries to encompass the collaborative, open nature of what we do […]

Film of the Week // Cold Caller Love, by James Spinney (2011)

Cold Caller Love, by James Spinney (2011) Our current Film of the Week is one of the highlights from a couple of years ago, that stills looks as fresh and original as when it originally screend at Kino. Produced on a budget of just £300, James Spinney’s Cold Caller Love is a beautiful example of […]

Film of the Week // Science Machine – Chad Pugh (2008)

This is definitely one for the illustrators, animators, and artists, although most film-makers will have seen Chad Pugh’s work before: remember the simple landscape vectors that Vimeo used as their background/theme when they got started? Yep, that guy. His style remains recognisable in this “Making of” video, for which he set his computer to screenshot […]