Kino Challenge

Alongside our open screen we’ve developed a bit of a reputation in London for bringing together folks who want to make films. In other words, not only do we screen and encourage new shorts, we also facilitate them.

Anyone’s who been to our night knows that we already award challenges to ‘rule-breakers’ – if someone’s film is cheekily over 6 minutes, or they’ve not put the Kino logo on the end, that sort of thing. Far from being a punishment it’s actually resulted in some of the most interesting films that we’ve screened. Especially rewarding because the idea came fromwas produced by and screened to, Kino people.

Because this works so well we now run a monthly initiative to facilitate new shorts. At each screening we issue a ‘challenge’ to filmmakers at the event, and you – the audience – decide what that challenge, or film, will be.  Those taking up the challenge will have 30 days to produce their film and bring it back to screen at the next Kino.

As an example, watch These Are Not My Balls, below. This came from an idea picked out of the hat at Kino #61, and screened at Kino #62. The filmmakers didn’t know each at all before Kino brought them together!

If you want to be part of the production team, in any capacity – including actors and composers – make yourself known to us on the night and we’ll co-ordinate groups in the interval.

Need equipment…?

If you’re lacking gear to shoot your short, the very nice guys at Focus 24 in Hoxton Square can help you. They have the best quality, best-maintained kit in the business, and if you club together it’ll cost you next to nothing. They’ve agreed to offer the best deal they can to folks doing the Kino Challenge, so point them in the direction of this page when you get in touch.

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