Film of the Week // Science Machine – Chad Pugh (2008)

This is definitely one for the illustrators, animators, and artists, although most film-makers will have seen Chad Pugh’s work before: remember the simple landscape vectors that Vimeo used as their background/theme when they got started? Yep, that guy.

His style remains recognisable in this “Making of” video, for which he set his computer to screenshot every five seconds as he illustrated a print piece called “Science Machine” on Adobe Illustrator over a total of 40 hours. The resulting video gives insight into the painstaking process of illustrating high-detailed elements and scaling them down to fit into a grander design that, like a large machine, truly relies on all its smaller parts.

Even if you’re not so much into illustration, it is still an enjoyable watch. Nicely interspersed with some amusing shots of the illustrator at work, the video doesn’t drag, as it could so easily have done, and Pugh has to be commended for cutting it down to 6 and a half minutes from the original 19-minute cut. The final illustration was printed and sold-out a few years ago, but a low-res version is viewable here.

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