Film of the Week // We Can Get You Some Really Cheap Gear // by Joshua Westbury (2012)

We Can Get You Some Really Cheap Gear, by Joshua Westbury (2012)

The inclusiveness and general mass audience participation at Kino events means that occasionally we get some cheekiness creeping into what our crowd demand to see on the Kino screen.

This week’s Film of the Week was inspired by our constant assertion that, should you be a filmmaker in need, and are willing to work with other willing filmmakers, then we can get your some really cheap gear! And so it was that Joshua Westbury was awarded this filmmaking challenge at a Kino screening last year, and he brought the results back to Kino #38 in a form that no-one had expected. A stop-motion short, inspired by the 2011 movie Limitless (many hated, I loved) and told entirely through the medium of Lego.

Josh has written on his blog about the making process, and has these words of wisdom for anyone planning something similar:

“There are three basic principles of Lego filmmaking: stabilize, stabilize, stabilize. Use anything you can find: sellotape, superglue, blu-tack, nails, radioactive slime – anything to reduce shake between frames. The good news: Lego isn’t only good for on-screen antics – it’s also ideal for constructing ad-hoc camera rigs, tripods and dollies. A few minutes stabilizing your set and camera saves hours of frame-by-frame adjustment in post.

One more thing: watch out for Lego injuries: constantly handling all those sharp edges is hard on the skin. “

You too can come to Kino with no film idea, no crew, and no access to equipment, and leave with all three! Find out more about the Kino Challenge here.

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