Kino Says… p-p-p-p-pick up a pop-up

Pop-up cinemas are, like, SO now.

Be it in a cemetery, underneath a railway line, or within the forecourt of a disused petrol station, watching movies in interesting spaces is as fashionable now as drive-ins in the 50s. In America.

Of course, this statement is based on 0% research and 100% conjecture, but you get my point.

In the last few years, I’ve enjoyed ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ at Abbey Road Studios, ‘The Third Man’ in Queens Park, and a collection of B movies in the aforementioned forecourt.

And last week I sampled the first night of the London Lo-Fi Cinema Season at the Portobello Pop-Up cinema, enjoying beer and cake while watching a 16mm print of ‘The Search For Ulysses’ prior to Derek Jarman’s ‘Jubilee’. And all underneath everyone’s favourite major west London road: the Westway.

Portobello Pop-Up: London Lo-Fi Cinema Season
Kino heads west: Facebook Event

There is something magical about enjoying film outside of a multiplex. For the last few years I’ve been making a real effort to only go to independent cinemas: a stance that makes me both a lefty-cliche and a nightmare to go to the pictures with. And if you can get over the fact you’ll inevitably be surrounded by people like me (terribly pleased with themselves for supporting this type of venture), you may enjoy some really interesting, obscure and sometimes (whisper it) good films.

On Friday 20th July Kino will be supporting Portobello Pop-Up in force, as we programme a chocolate box of shorts to accompany Jules Dassin’s 1950 London-after-dark Noir “Night And The City”:

So come join us underneath a main road, eat delicious cake, and feel good about cinema. And all for only four pounds*.

[*not including cake]