Kino #42 // Return to the start of it all…

Kino #42 on Wednesday saw us return to the place where it all began, the Horse Hospital in Russell Square. Following the sad liquidation of our new venue, the CAMP Basement, it seemed like an obvious decision to head back to the venue that saw us take our first steps back in 2009, and a great homecoming it was too. The last few years have seen us put on a bit of weight and it was quite a squeeze to fit everyone in. Thanks to those who settled for a standing seat, especially the Cold Cuts Comedy guys. Thanks also for bringing such a big crowd!


It was a BUMPER night. 12 shorts spanning drama, music video, documentary and experimental (and this is all by chance, remember!) and a great mixture of new and regular screeners – you are all very welcome at Kino. Here’s who we had, in no particular order:

Molly Brown  :  Dust
Marco Lorusso  Chime as Hell
Howard Gardner  Whine meal episode 1
Sam Brewster  Misstep
Matt Clarke  :  Phonebox Dystopia
Marcos Villasenor and Carlotta Cardana  :  As seen through a telescope
Zoltan  :  Collide
Seb Pietrovito  :  The Deep
Al Hutchison  Adrian Brannan
Lisa Ambjorn  In Dreams
Joe Whitney  Sylvia’s Gate
The Kino Challenge Filmmaking team, July (Tim Diggle, Alistair Grant & Jonny Pratt) :  The Time in Paris (Sniffy sniffy bang bang)


We were forced to give Carlotta Cardana and Marcos Villasenor a challenge for not putting the Kino logo on the end of their otherwise fantastic music video, As seen through a telescope. The crowd decided that they should make ‘Throw me on the floor‘ and screen it at Kino sometime soon. However you interpret that guys, we can’t wait.

Inspired by Jonny and co’s interpretation of last month’s Kino Challenge (‘Sniffy Sniffy Bang Bang’), this month’s new project received a nice team of fresh takers. The team (who didn’t know each other at all before last night) will work together over the next month to produce ‘The Adventures of Generic Man‘, to screen at Kino #43 in September.

Keep an eye on this site, as well as our Facebook page, for the announcement of our next screening.

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