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Film Pick // Kino #84 // ‘Spectre’

Kino is a total open-mic night, and as such is a unique screening event in London. We believe it’s important that filmmakers of all levels of experience can have an open platform to screen their work to others, without competition or censor. As such, the ‘programming’ of each event is as much a surprise to […]

Kino #77 : Short interview with a Kino screener

Returning Kino London screener Ghettomadness (@ThaboM80) sat down with us to discuss screening at Kino #77.   To screen your short film at London’s only open-mic short film night get your film under 6 minutes, get it on a DVD and get in contact with: !  

Film of the Week :: Little Red Hoodie, by Joern Utkilen (2009)

Little Red Hoodie, Joern Utkilen (2009) This week’s Film of the Week comes to you a whole day late(!), but I think it’s worth the wait. I first saw this at London Short Film Festival, where Rich Pickings (if you don’t know about these quirky events exploring film with new perspective, make sure you check them […]

Kino Recommends: JAWDANCE

A poem is cool A short film is also cool Together they rule. You’ve just read a Haiku (your welcome) which expresses love for poetry and short film as individual art forms but also expresses the great art they make when combined, and before anyone gets on their high(ku) horse and says haikus are not […]