Film of the Week // Cold Caller Love, by James Spinney (2011)

Cold Caller Love, by James Spinney (2011)

Our current Film of the Week is one of the highlights from a couple of years ago, that stills looks as fresh and original as when it originally screend at Kino. Produced on a budget of just £300, James Spinney’s Cold Caller Love is a beautiful example of what you can do with a great idea, a bag of talent, and one of them new-fangled DSLR cameras that everyone’s shooting on nowadays.

Subtitled ‘an intergalactic love story’, this is the story of a (suspciously) humanoid alien who finds himself in close quarters with a horse, and is, well… entranced.

Shot on a freezing February day with a pregnant horse that generally refused to play ball, James’ film uses the crisp clear image and cinema-quality depth of field (or lack of) of the Canon 5D to tell a really intimate and original story that – let’s face it – in less subtle hands might have been a little… wierd.

Listen to more from the band, Me & the Neck, here, and watch more from James here.


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