Film of the Week :: Procrastination by Ism Studios (2010)

2012, the New Year, a blank page?

Sure it’s the year of the Olympic Games (Hoorah? Booo?), the year Mayans and John Cusack believe the world will end meaning potentially only 10 more Kinos! Unless like this month we host another Kino double bill Challenge Week!

But it’s also the year you’ve promised to be more creative right? To make more films, to not worry so much about why or how but to just shoot, burn it to DVD, and screen it at one of our nights (and other short film nights once you’ve emailed them, filled out applications, written a bio of the film and yourself, paid them money… etc etc etc).

Well, this Film of the Week is here to make sure you keep that promise! This film by the folk at Ism Studios holds up a mirror to how we’ve all acted when faced with a blank page, the difference being they’ve turned it into a lovely piece of work…now its your turn. We look forward to seeing the results!