Kino #20 : ‘This time I think I’ll fly, or, let me show you with my hands’

This time I think I’ll fly, or, let me show you with my hands, by Michael Glass

– “Mike I need some felt.”

– “Well, I haven’t got any. You’ll have to go to the shops.”

– “Okay. But this time I think I’ll fly.”

So begins Michael Glass’ ‘penance’ film. Or as we like to call them, ‘challenge’ film. Challenge, because we don’t have that many rules at Kino, but one of the few that we do have Michael broke. His film that screened at Kino #19 in July was over 6 minutes. Now, we’re pretty cool with that, once in a while. We realise that not everyone’s mini masterpiece can fit into our 6 minute slot. So if it’s just a bit too long, then we’re likely to hand you a challenge film to make, from a suggestion by our audience.

Hence “This time I’ll fly, or, let me show you with my hands” – Lord knows what prompted that.  But anyway, hats off to Michael, because he took that home and in just two hours, produced one of the silliest responses we’ve ever had…

  • my favourite thing about this film is the thought that you might be able to buy felt from the petrol station.

  • Seth

    Nice little joke at the end “Under the supervision of Mr. Clark Kent” who needs CGI when you have some clever editing?

  • Leizal

    Nice thought Andrew, but that’s the Tesco superstore 😀

  • do tesco sell felt then?